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Data professional services

Quickly and easily put data solutions to work

Speed deployment and develop confident users faster so you can start improving and making the most of your healthcare software investment.


Data professional services | Stryker

Our experience and expertise can bolster your success.

From easy-access, self-managed training to dedicated project managers who can walk you through the entire process, personalized support from our professional services team can help deliver a fast, smooth implementation for every type of organization.

Why professional services?

Save time and get the most out of LIFENET System and CODE-STAT data review software. Rely on professional services support for tailoring your solution, integrating it with current systems and processes, training users and optimizing features.

Stryker's Data Professional Services allow you to customize the solution to meet your needs

Customize the solution to meet your unique needs

Work with our experts to identify the features or modules that will deliver the information and functions you need.

Data Professional Services makes software implementation faster and easier

Make software implementation faster and easier

Simplify deployment and start using your system quickly, without business disruption.

Data solutions training options to help get your team up to speed fast.

Learn efficiently, at your own convenience

Get your team up to speed fast with training options that work for your circumstances.


Dedicated to enabling your success

Stryker's dedicated data project managers help ensure your new data solution is successful

Ensure smooth interaction with other systems and processes

  • Rely on a dedicated project manager, who works with you to understand your entire operation, configure interfaces, educate users and make your new solution a time-saving, trusted part of their work.
  • For your ePCR, automate or streamline data interfaces with CAD, billing, and third-party agency systems, defibrillation devices, organizational recordkeeping and regulatory agencies.

Develop team confidence and competence faster

  • Follow easy, step-by-step implementation processes and critical-path timelines.
  • Take advantage of proven procedures and tools that can be tailored to your situation.
  • Use our train-the-trainer approach to develop internal experts and provide comprehensive education to super-users, managers and anyone who enters data.
  • Make the most of your investment with a well-planned, prompt and complete implementation by our experienced team using standard project management methodology.
Develop team confidence and competence faster
Specialized technical support to help optimize your data systems

Get help when and where you need

  • Draw on various support options before, during and after you begin using your new solutions.
  • Reduce workloads on internal technical resources and free them for more valuable use of their time.
  • Choose from self-guided online training and support or custom onsite options that quickly deliver self-sufficient users.
  • Rely on a specialized technical support team to address user questions or technical concerns to improve system optimization.

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