Stryker's Michael Graves furniture line for hospital rooms

Michael Graves with Stryker

Patient Room Furniture

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Michael Graves with Stryker | Stryker

The Michael Graves Story

Designed in partnership with the Michael Graves Design Group, the open and welcoming aesthetics of the Michael Graves with Stryker furniture line visually communicates cleanliness, healing, and an enhanced level of care. The Michael Graves furniture line was created to enhance the patient experience by decreasing the clutter of the hospital room while making each item easy to use and accessible to the patient.

  • Overbed Table
  • Bedside Stand
  • Patient Chair

Bedside stand

User-Considered Design

The Michael Graves with Stryker Bedside Stand is more than a chest of drawers. Soft, rounded corners are easy on caregivers and equipment while intuitive touch points help bring the stand into a patient’s usable space.

Removable Liners

Removable plastic drawer liners make the stand easy to clean. Remove liners without detaching drawers for a simple solution to moving patient belongings.

Easy to Move

Handgrips and Hospitality Handles help patients and caregivers move the stand into the patient’s usable area.

Optional Additional Surface Area

An optional secondary surface offers extra space for patient belongings. Streamlined design provides a contemporary aesthetic.

Overbed table

Welcoming Design

The Michael Graves with Stryker Overbed Table is designed for ease of use, mobility and cleaning. A large, welcoming surface provides plenty of space for personal items, while obvious touch-points allow users to position the table to their comfort.

Hospitality Handles

Combined with a sleek look, and less bulk, beautifully crafted Hospitality Handles allow caregivers and patients to more easily position the furniture for maximum use.

U-Shaped Base

The U-shaped base fits easily around even the latest mobility solutions on beds and stretchers. A low profile allows placement under recliners and seating.

Intuitive Design

An intuitive activation handle allows users to move the table top easily with one hand. Simply push up or down to lift or lower.

Patient chair

Multiple Configurations

The noteworthy aesthetics of the Michael Graves with Stryker Patient Chair pave the way for superior functionality. Ottoman is optional and chair is available in two seat heights with highback, lowback, Comfort-Flex and armless configurations.

Promotes Proper Positioning

Beautifully designed extended chair arms promote independence in sitting and standing. This ergonomic design helps patients learn nose-over-toes positioning.

Optional Ottoman

The practical design of the ottoman easily fits underneath the patient chair when not in use. Its height makes it functional for additional guest seating.

Optional Comfort-Flex Backrest

An optional Comfort-Flex backrest paired with standard polyurethane handrails help make positioning easy and comfortable for most body types.

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