Connectivity and Clinical Communication

Turning data into insights. Turning insights into better patient care.

With fewer nurses caring for more patients than ever before, the demands placed upon them have only increased, leaving less time at the bedside. With our innovative suite of connected care solutions, we can help care teams work smarter – not harder.


Vocera, now part of Stryker, enables a quick and coordinated response to patient incidents by wirelessly communicating critical notifications such as bed data and priority alerts from our connected beds and other clinical and operational systems to the right care team members in near-real time.


Working together, our connected solutions help prevent falls, enhance caregiver communication, and simplify workflow throughout the care continuum.

Nurse communicating with patient in a hospital bed

Vocera Unified Clinical Communications Platform

Connecting people, systems and information

A. Simplify communication and workflows

Receive filtered, prioritized patient data from the patient’s electronic health record (EHR), smart beds, and other systems and devices* on your wearable badge, smartphone, or desktop.

B. Help reduce time to act and intervene 

Be notified almost instantly when a bed exit or status alert is triggered – even if you’re out of range of the local alarm – so you can respond quickly and appropriately.

C. Help reduce alarm fatigue

Receive only the information and alarm notifications on which you need to act, routed using intelligent rules. 

Our clinical communications platform simplifies medical communications and workflow

Our Minibadge, Smartbadge and smartphone app for clinical hospital and healthcare communication

Communication devices

Choose the ideal device for your role and workflow

A. Minibadge

Operate the lightweight, wearable Minibadge using only your voice, as a smartphone companion or by itself. 

B. Smartbadge

Get smartphone usability and hands-free mobility with the wearable Smartbadge’s ample touchscreen.

C. Smartphones

Enhance care team mobility with Vocera apps on your smartphone of choice. Our apps support all deployment strategies, including bring your own device (BYOD).

Mobile applications

Voice-driven workflows, secure text, and actionable alerts

A. Edge

Enhance care team mobility and simplify the work at the point of care; Edge is well suited for smartphone-centric hospitals that are invested in EHR mobile apps.

B. Vina

Help drive patient safety by helping clinicians to make decisions in real time and form a meaningful picture of a situation quickly.

C. Ease

Help clinicians stay connected with patients and their loved ones before, during, and after care.

Our Edge, Vina and Ease clinical mobile appls for workflow efficiency in healthcare

Improve workflow efficiency and patient-centric care in your hospital with real-time data

ProCuity and connected beds 

Wireless-enabled to help prevent falls and improve workflow efficiency

A. iBed Wireless 

Receive remote, actionable bed exit alarms and status alerts in near real-time. Notifications can be sent to Vocera Engage, Stryker iBed applications and most hospital information systems.

B. iBed Vision

A patient-centric clinical dashboard that provides caregivers remote visibility to safe bed configurations and bed exit alarm activity to help prevent falls.

C. Smart Equipment Management

A cloud-based application providing access to near-real time Stryker bed data for better maintenance and workflow efficiency support.

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