Air Powered Hospital Mattress

Helping you manage your patients' microclimate and to help prevent pressure injuries

Pressure redistribution mattresses


The IsoAir Support Surface is designed with both static and alternating low pressure modes. Both modes can be used with active sensor technology (AST) to help control patient pressure distribution and help reduce the risk of pressure injury.

Alternating air pressure hospital mattress

A. Deep Cell design

IsoAir is comprised of a series of airtight bladders that run laterally across the mattress to provide optimal patient immersion and envelopment.

B. Active Sensor Technology

Active Sensor Technology automatically adjusts pressure within the air cells to help control immersion for the patient to a specific depth.

C. Moisture management

The IsoAir utilizes a low air loss (LAL) system and a breathable Endurance cover to assist in the moisture management of the patient's skin.

Easy and convenient storage

The IsoAir Support Surface is ergonomically designed as a lightweight air support surface that deflates and rolls for easy storage.

Low air loss mattress

Proven Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injuries recorded throughout the Respiratory Progressive Care unit during a 6 month time period, according to one case study1

IsoAir Support Surface

Stryker's Financial Guarantees

50% rental reduction guarantee

Stryker’s IsoAir Support Surface Financial Guarantee is designed to reduce non-capital support surface costs for the hospital by 50% in the first year. If this goal is not achieved, Stryker will reimburse the hospital up to the difference between the guaranteed savings amount and the actual savings (reimbursement amount not to exceed the purchase price for IsoAir).*

30% HAPI guarantee

Stryker’s HAPI Financial Guarantee: Stryker guarantees participating facilities a 30% reduction of HAPIs (Stages 3, 4, unstageable, DTI) for patients using the Stryker IsoTour, IsoFlex LAL, Stryker IsoAir or Stryker Isolibrium Support Surface, for a guaranteed period.**


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