Innovation in nursing: a catalyst for advancing patient care

Fostering creative solutions, enhancing efficiency and shaping the future of healthcare

Embracing innovation in nursing is essential to advancing patient care, improving healthcare outcomes and addressing ever-evolving challenges. By developing creative solutions and fostering a culture of innovation, nurses contribute to the continuous improvement of patient care practices and healthcare systems.

Nurse communicating with patient in a hospital bed

Innovation in nursing: a catalyst for advancing patient care | Stryker

Nurse innovation

Healthcare innovation is a dynamic field driven by advancements in technology, research and patient care practices. Among the key contributors to this transformative landscape are nurses. In particular, nurses play a pivotal role of medical device innovation, contributing to the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies that enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare delivery.

“Nursing innovation is a priority for Stryker and when we innovate we think about the nurse, the front line workers, that are caring for patients every single day. We want to make sure we’re innovating to give them the tools they need to do their jobs, but also to protect them from harm on a daily basis.” 

– Jessica Mathieson, 
VP/GM Acute Care, Stryker 

The transformative power of nursing innovation

Nurse talking with patient in bed

Frontline experience and patient-centric insights

Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, providing them with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within healthcare. Their daily interactions with patients enable them to identify areas for improvement and innovation, leading to the creation of medical devices that address specific needs and enhance the overall patient experience.

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Data collection and analysis

In an era of data-driven healthcare, nurses contribute significantly to the collection and analysis of health-related data. They are instrumental in monitoring patient outcomes, identifying trends and providing valuable feedback for refining and enhancing medical devices. This iterative feedback loop is essential for the continuous improvement of technology in healthcare.

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Advocacy and bridge-building

Nurses often act as advocates for their patients, promoting the adoption of innovative medical devices that can significantly impact patient care. Their role as liaisons between patients, healthcare providers and technology developers helps bridge communication gaps, ensuring that the unique needs of all stakeholders are considered in the innovation process.

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Continuous learning and adaptation

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and nurses are at the forefront of adapting to new technologies. Their commitment to continuous learning and professional development positions them as key contributors to the successful implementation of medical device innovations. This adaptability is crucial in harnessing the full potential of emerging technologies.

ANA Innovation Lounge

Are you a nurse interested in innovation?

Join these interactive conversations designed to create a space for nurses to expand their thinking about the profession and health care, with a focus on innovation. Connect with nursing colleagues and leaders to enhance your skills, get motivated and build your confidence.

  • Meet nurses who are leading innovative efforts
  • Engage in real-time networking around all aspects of nursing innovation
  • Join a supportive environment working to accelerate innovation
  • Learn from people who are driving conversations around nursing and healthcare

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Nurses actively participate in the design and testing phases of medical devices, ensuring that these innovations align with the practicalities of healthcare settings. Their input is invaluable in creating user-friendly devices that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, ultimately improving efficiency and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals. Here are several Stryker products that we're proud to have created in partnership with nurses.

ProCuity ZMX

Designed to enhance safety and outcomes in the ICU while delivering a better experience for care teams, with a focus on helping to reduce pressure injuries and supporting early mobility.

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ProCuity LEX / ZX

Designed to enhance safety and outcomes in MedSurg while delivering a better experience for care teams, with a focus on supporting fall prevention protocols.

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Prime Series

Our Prime Series stretchers are designed to reduce physical strain on clinicians, enhance comfort during patient transport and drive hospital efficiency. Transporting heavier patients in a hospital gurney is now easier with Stryker's advanced mobility, while electric functionality gives patients the independence to adjust themselves without calling for caregiver assistance. Fully equipped and highly configurable, our Prime Series stretchers allow you to create a solution that meets your specific needs.

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