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Tuesday, September 21  | Operating Room Air Quality and Risks, including COVID-19 

Suzy Scott

Presented by
Maureen Spencer, M.Ed., BSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC

Earn 1 CE credit

This session will explore the correlation between the environment of the OR and infections involving implantable devices, with emphasis on the contribution of contaminated air, pathways for reduction of risk and new evidence on emerging technology shown to reduce aerosolized bioburden and SSI.


  • Demonstrate the relationship between the environment of the OR and infection involving implantable devices, with emphasis on the contribution of contaminated air
  • Examine evidence of the role of air decontamination in reduction of SSI
  • Explore strategies to reduce the risk of airborne bacteria

Tuesday, September 21:

Tuesday, October 19  | Safe Patient Handling for the Emergency Department

Suzy Scott

Presented by
Guy Fragala, Ph.D., PE, CSP, CSPHP

Earn 1 CE credit

This presentation will consider caregivers in Emergency Departments and explore the occupational risks they face each day. Risk factors will be identified and discussed. Strategies for finding solutions will be presented with examples of specific solutions suggested.


  • Recognize occupational risk factors contributing to musculoskeletal disorders
  • Discuss strategies to reduce occupational risk to caregivers working in Emergency Departments
  • Investigate application of specific technology solutions and evaluate potential risk reduction achieved

Tuesday, October 19: