Healthcare teamwork and communication

The most efficient, productive, and safe teams accomplish great outcomes because they have great communication and teamwork. This section provides courses to educate on the topic of teamwork and communication, as well as quality improvement strategies and best practices for improving quality.

Educational Courses

Continuous quality improvement sustainability

Learning objectives

  • Describe the definition of sustainability in continuous quality improvement
  • Describe four barriers to sustaining a change or intervention
  • Identify three key components for sustaining change in the clinical setting

Teamwork and Communication

Learning objectives

  • Define communication and the importance in the O.R.
  • Define the types of communication failures that occur in the O.R.
  • Describe the effects of communication failures in the O.R.
  • List the properties of effective team communication
  • Define factors that impact communication in the O.R.
  • Describe the role that High Reliability Organizations play in creating a Just Culture
  • List techniques that can be used to improve team communication in the O.R.