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Kathleen Vollman

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Tuesday, November 15

The forgotten organ: Evidence-based strategies for pressure injury prevention in acutely ill patients

Presented by Kathleen Vollman, RN, MSN, CCNS, FCCN, FCNS, FAAN

Earn 1 CE credit

It is Stop Pressure Injury week, and to help efforts to prevent pressure injuries, we will discuss factors that put acutely ill patients at risk of pressure injury development. We will review evidence-based guidelines along with implementation strategies to prevent this costly and debilitating hospital-acquired condition.

Learning objectives:

  • Compare and contrast narrow and expanded views of nurse/patient advocacy and identify key basic nursing care practices that prevent harm
  • Outline evidence-based prevention strategies for incontinence-associated dermatitis, shear reduction, and addressing pressure injury risk factors
  • Describe key care process changes that lead to a successful reduction of skin injury and address healthcare worker injury

Tuesday, November 15: