Scoliosis Awareness Month

An estimated 7 million Americans are living with scoliosis.1 This June, we aim to collaborate with incredible non-profit organizations to raise awareness and to be part of a global effort to promote education, advocacy, and support for these patients.

Why is scoliosis awareness important?

How can you get involved?

You can make a difference today! Please consider making a donation to one of the non-profit organizations below.

FOCOS Hospital

FOCOS Hospital's mission is to provide comprehensive, affordable orthopaedic care to those who would not otherwise have access to such treatment.


In particular, FOCOS seeks to enhance access to optimal surgical and non-surgical care for patients with disabling musculoskeletal disorders including complex spine deformities and pediatric orthopaedic problems in underserved regions.

Back to Healing

Back to Healing's mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by scoliosis through mental health awareness, empowerment, education and advocacy.


They strive to create projects and programs that will transform mindsets and help break the stigma of scoliosis, focusing on the artistic beauty of how spinal curvatures uniquely affect the human body and mental health.

Carolyn Jane Foundation

The mission of the Carolyn Jane Foundation is to bring education and care to rural areas of need through advanced training of local operators, aided by the development and deployment of market-appropriate logistical and technology systems. 


The foundation focuses on efficient and effective solutions to ease human suffering. 100% of the endowment and gifts advance the Carolyn Jane mission, through an all-volunteer, clinical and administrative team.

Q Guidance System

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Monterey AL Interbody System

With a design to enhance the ability to create indirect decompression, a Tritanium structure to facilitate bone in-growth [1], and an array of footprints, heights and lordotic options — our Monterey AL Interbody System aims to deliver on all fronts. Plus, our instrumentation is designed to support your surgical style whether it’s freehand, partially guided or fully guided. Here’s a look at the careful crafting we do to help meet your surgical needs and personal preferences.

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Dual lead pedicle screws featuring True-Tip technology and market-differentiating serrations

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Mesa Mini

The Mesa Mini Spinal System is a Ø3.5 mm rod system offering a differentiated solution for rigid posterior fixation of the cervico-thoracic regions of the spine. Based on Mesa Zero-Torque Technology, this comprehensive system features a low-profile 90° range of motion thoracic screw, multiple hook and rod options, and a full complement of instrumentation that is designed for ease of use.

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Xia 3

A comprehensive pedicle screw system that provides you intraoperative flexibility, versatility and the ability to adapt to virtually any existing spinal construct

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Xia 4.5

A low profile pedicle fixation system enabled by power and navigation technologies

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