Monterey AL Interbody System

Fixated on science

With a design to enhance the ability to create indirect decompression, a Tritanium structure to facilitate bone in-growth [1], and an array of footprints, heights and lordotic options — our Monterey AL Interbody System aims to deliver on all fronts. Plus, our instrumentation is designed to support your surgical style whether it’s freehand, partially guided or fully guided. Here’s a look at the careful crafting we do to help meet your surgical needs and personal preferences.

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Fixated on delivering more

Monterey AL is built with Tritanium In-Growth Technology, a highly porous titanium material designed for bone in-growth and biological fixation.1 This material is created using AMagine, our proprietary approach to implant creation using Additive Manufacturing.

  • Highly porous Tritanium material designed to promote bony in-growth1
  • Designed with a high coefficient of friction for initial stability2
  • Four footprints designed to independently increase in depth and width to help create indirect decompression by distracting the entire disc space
  • Lordotic options ranging from 10 to 30 degrees in 5mm increments
  • Large central and lateral windows may help reduce cage stiffness and aid visualization of fusion3,4
  • Multi-screw construct with angle variability and an anterior cam lock for audible, tactile and visual locking feedback
  • Tailored instrumentation for freehand, partially guided or fully guided surgical techniques
  • Instrumentation designed for use within confines of cage width to help avoid crucial anatomy