Implants and Instruments

Dual lead pedicle screws featuring True-Tip technology and market-differentiating serrations

Serrato Implants and Instruments

This unique screw family features True-Tip technology, a dual lead thread pattern and 24 circumferential serrations on the distal tip of the screw. Its cortical cancellous thread pattern is a continuation of our clinically proven Xia design philosophy, and is built to maximize performance and purchase in both cortical and cancellous vertebral bone. 

  • True-Tip technology, defined by a self-centering, self-tapping 35conical tip with threads that extend to the distal tip of the screw, allows for immediate bone engagement, reliable insertion, and accurate control1,2

  • Serrations reduce the amount of work, i.e. insertion force, required to insert the screw compared to dual lead screws with traditional cutting flutes2

  • Dual lead thread allows screw to be inserted twice as fast (with half as many rotations) as a single lead screw, which may potentially increase OR efficiency1

  • Screws available in polyaxial, cannulated polyaxial, reduction, and medial biased designs

  • Compatible with power and navigation platforms