Xia 3

Spinal System

A comprehensive pedicle screw system that provides you intraoperative flexibility, versatility and the ability to adapt to virtually any existing spinal construct

Xia 3 Spinal System

Xia 3 is a comprehensive pedicle screw system designed to treat degenerative, trauma/tumor and deformity pathologies.

  • Cortical cancellous thread pattern has been shown to increase pull-out strength over competitive thread patterns1

  • Cutting flute allows for easier insertion and elimination of tapping2

  • Offering more than 18 years of design history, the patented3 buttress thread locking mechanism is designed to minimize cross threading and splaying of the screw head4

  • Enhanced six-point star mechanism on the screw head provides a rigid connection to the screwdriver and enhances intraoperative usability during screw engagement5

  • Designed to treat a wide range of deformities including adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), congenital scoliosis and neuromuscular scoliosis

  • Compatible with power and navigation platforms