Bone Mill+
Autograft processing and milling


With a redesigned power base and bone mill – plus new Prep+ disposable cartridge for automated tissue removal prior to milling – today’s Bone Mill+ system provides more advantages than ever before. 



Golden opportunity for more

Your industry-leading1 bone mill now offers you more. By combining existing features you trust and value with new design enhancements, Bone Mill+ aims to provide more capabilities and gold-standard autograft bone yield while reducing your manual effort.







Features and benefits

Enhanced quality, quantity and consistency of stripped and milled bone2

41 minutes saved compared to manual prepping and milling*2

100% rating for quick setup and simple operation3

Improved efficiency via automated tissue removal and ability to capture more bone per milling2

Multiple refinements designed to improve bone yield, safe handling/processing, visibility, smooth performance and grip points/stability2,3

Single-pass cutting action protects bone from heat3

Ability to customize particulate size to suit your preference or procedure1



More bone yield*

  • 99x faster than manual milling (14 minute savings)2
  • 140% increase in catch tray volume captures up to 120cc per milling, enhancing efficiency3
  • Catch tray sits flat on surfaces for mixing3
  • Transparent hopper to load/view bone; also removable to safely collect residual bone2
  • Award-winning, single-pass cutting action generates consistently uniform particulate size while protecting bone from heat1
  • Refined plunger design for enhanced functionality
  • Helps maximize harvest of autograft bone from same surgical site to potentially reduce supplements and their related costs2,3

*Due to greater access to residual bone and larger catch tray volume

Prep+ cartridge

More automation

  • Converts arduous, manual tissue removal from harvested bone into an easy, automated process2
  • 64% more* bone yield than manual cleaning**2
  • More than 2.5x faster than manual cleaning (27 minute savings)*2
  • 15% higher quality rating of soft tissue removal*2
  • Resulting bone rated “cleaner” and higher quality than manual processing2
  • Helps reduce glove punctures, physical effort and potential for pain/injury2
  • Transparent lid for visibility during processing
  • Streamlines workflow

*Based on average results
**10 minute Bone Mill+ cycle vs 10 minutes of manual soft tissue removal









More stability and security

  • Powers Prep+ and Mill+ disposable attachments
  • Updated power handle and stable footprint provide multiple grip points and well-balanced, upright positioning3
  • Reusable for use in sterile field (water drain in base for autoclaving)
Blade trio

More versatility

Preassembled blades in three sizes enable customized particle size by procedure, plus help facilitate fast setup and operation

Fine blade
Bone particulate up to 3.2 mm

Medium blade
Bone particulate up to 5.0 mm

Coarse blade
Bone particulate up to 8.0 mm

Stryker_Core2 Console_DSC8509_Clipped_wScreen_CROP

Core 2 Console

More control

  • Displays Prep+ timer, % power to blade and other settings
  • Smart, auto-recognition and onscreen display of Bone Mill+ and its disposables
  • Simultaneously powers and controls multiple O.R. instruments including Bone Mill+, irrigation and up to two other devices
  • Enables unparalleled user preferences

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