πdrive® Motor

At the core of this drill is our industry-exclusive πdrive Technology—a re-imagined motor that reconfigures internal components to create efficient, lightweight power and performance.

We’ve replaced the nonfunctioning steel core in conventional motors with magnets in a “pie” configuration that use space efficiently and reduce the size of the overall housing. Instead of traditional round wiring looped around the core, we’ve used flat wiring that completely encases it. The result is a light, powerful motor that runs long and stays cool.


Features and benefits


  • 75K RPM electric motor

  • Lighter overall system and added cord flexibility for greater maneuverability

  • Alignment dots and Snap-Connect for easy, consistent assembly and disassembly

  • Powered by the CORE Console for unified OR operations

  • Highly tunable to the surgeon’s touch through our exclusive I.D. Touch technology

  • Works with the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of Elite, Footed, Heavy Duty and MIS attachments and cutting accessories—including tapered and telescoping options for optimal sightlines

1 Conventional Electric Motor

2 πdrive Motor



Powered by CORE—
our integrated OR solution

Consolidated Operating Room Equipment—CORE—System combines our latest software and drill motor technologies to create an integrated surgical system that delivers optimal performance for you and your patients.

Everything’s driven from the powerful, convenient CORE Console. A major advance in performance and comfort, the CORE Console can be tailored to individual preferences and processes. Learn more about the CORE Console and CORE System.



I.D. Touch Software
A difference you can feel

An intuitive touch is one of a surgeon’s greatest assets—and our exclusive I.D. Touch Software gives you even more nuanced control. Integrated into our CORE Console power source, I.D. Touch Software lets you adjust torque from 0 percent to 100 percent.

The result is instrumentation that responds perfectly to the exact pressure you prefer. Once you’ve set your preferences, they’re saved permanently. Your instruments will perform to your specifications—every patient, every procedure.

I.D. Touch Setting Most Sensitive Leaset Sensitive

The console's ability to regulate sensitivity of the motor while in use

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