Bone Vac

autologous bone dust collector

Conveniently collects drilled bone dust for use as autograft material during ortho/spine, cranial, otology or other procedures where bone regeneration is desired.

Bone Vac product image

Capture the gold

Our Bone Vac helps provide the regenerative benefits of gold standard, autologous bone with a simplicity you’ll like. Compatible with your existing drill, standard surgical suction and workflow, the Bone Vac is a golden opportunity to quickly capture autologous bone for use in grafting.

Distinct value

  • Collectable
  • Workflow efficient
  • Simple
  • Cost conscious

Reimagine what's possible


  • Compatible with existing drill and standard surgical suction tubing, tip and source
  • 13cc capacity filter can be used multiple times during case to capture all available bone dust


  • Orientation independent; no need to keep upright
  • Cleanly ejects all collected material via plunger
  • Malleable hydrated bone with putty-like consistency enables efficient shaping and placement

Workflow efficient

  • Quick connect end caps minimize suction interruption when filter is removed
  • Disposable; no added cleaning/manpower
  • Double sterile barrier packaging with point-of-use assembly instructions enhances setup and usability
  • Sterile field drape clip and 4ft flexible tubing provide security and freedom of movement

Cost conscious

  • Can reduce use of additives
  • Equipment compatibility limits capital expenses

Good as gold

Viable autologous bone dust

Bone dust can contain viable bone-forming cells, even after drilling1-6


Explore the data

With autologous, viable cells and regenerative nature, drilled bone dust can be a valuable adjunct to other bone growth agents. Click below to view just some of the data reflecting its osteogenic, osteoinductive and osteoconductive potential.1-6

Visit for objective clinical evidence

Osteoblast related genes from adherent cells from bone pate fragments2

Bone Vac setup video

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