Sonopet iQ

Ultrasonic Aspirator System

The Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator not only delivers the power and control you need to fragment, emulsify and aspirate soft tissue and bone, but is also equipped with on-demand customizable features and RFID-enabled intelligence to help optimize your performance.

Simply brilliant.

Now with Pulse Control technology - gain an added ability to regulate the resection of hard and soft tissues using Sonopet iQ. Along with tip selection, power, suction and irrigation, Pulse Control gives you a new way to manage resecting complex tissue how you want.1

The Sonopet iQ system delivers even more of what our customers love. We’ve raised simplicity and reliability to an even higher level for consistently excellent O.R. surgical experiences. We’ve also added semi-autonomous functionality and customization so you can do more with the Sonopet iQ with less time and effort.2

Rapid readiness for any O.R. team

Unparalleled customization

One-step retrieval of surgeon profile


RFID automatic optimization

Instantly changes settings based on connected tip or user profile

Simpler setup; instant readiness

One-step non-sequential connections


One-step connections

For irrigation, suction, tubing and sleeve

Greater irrigation control

  • Auto prime
  • Increased visibility
  • Designed for controlled suction pinch valve
  • One-click cassette
  • Integrated into end of handpiece


Enhanced guidance

  • Onscreen setup and tutorials 
  • Alignment dots and color-changing ports provide connection feedback
  • Large touchscreen


Handpiece refinements

Designed for power, performance and reliability

367% faster fibrous tissue resection2
133% faster bone cutting2
75% more precise suction control3
48% faster setup time than Sonopet2

Proven to reduce mean operating time5

Market’s broadest ultrasonic tip lineup on Sonopet iQ’s universal handpiece5


Tip offering

12cm iQ Micro

12cm iQ Barracuda

12cm iQ Standard

12cm iQ Serrated Large

12cm iQ Large

37cm iQ Large

37cm iQ Large

20cm iQ Standard

12cm iQ Micro Claw

20cm iQ Apex 360

11cm iQ Apex Knife

12cm iQ Claw

18cm iQ Micro Claw

10cm iQ Broad Knife

12cm iQ 120 Claw

18cm iQ Apex Micro Claw

12cm iQ Apex 360

11cm iQ Knife

Foot pedals and hand controller

Take control

Choose from basic, advanced and wireless foot pedals and a hand controller for remote control from sterile or nonsterile field.

Pulse Control

Pulse Control:
Extrasensory ultrasonics

  • Custom waveforms provide resection control by tip type4
  • Five Pulse Control settings
  • Exhibits unique ability to reduce temperature beyond what power reductions achieve4
  • Green dots beneath setting number reflect waveform pulse pattern
pulse control waveforms

Suction and irrigation continue to flow during tip modulation when amplitude and energy are lower, allowing thermal heat from fragmentation to dissipate. 

Minimum 2°C tip temp reduction per pulse setting increment with standard straight tip at 100% power1
Minimum 0.5°C tip temp reduction per pulse setting increment with micro claw tip at 100% power1

Sonopet iQ setup video