Stryker's maternity solutions

Maternity solutions

Designed for safety and simplicity.

The maternity unit can be a stimulating, yet demanding environment. It must not only feel comfortable for mom, but also promote mother-to-infant closeness through safe and simple products. Our maternity portfolio helps caregivers focus on what matters most — providing exceptional care to mothers and their newborns.


Maternity solutions | Stryker

Gynnie OB/GYN Stretcher

Intuitive patient positioning and simple functionality

A. 4-inch UltraComfort support surface 

Heat-sealed seams help prevent fluid collection.

B. Pelvic exam conversion 

Three easy steps to convert stretcher into a pelvic exam with self-locking stirrups. The permanently attached components save time and effort.

C. Glideaway siderails 

Swing up and out for mom’s comfort and provide zero transfer gap when lowered.

OB/GYN stretcher with intuitive patient positioning

LD304 birthing bed for the maternity department

LD304 Birthing Bed

Helping to better position your patient

A. Powered skoocher system 

Moves mom closer to the perineal edge, reducing strain on caregivers while providing proper back support for mom.

B. Length-adjustable footrests and calf supports 

Offers nearly infinite positioning for customized comfort and slide into place with an easy-squeeze handle.

C. Removable lock-rite foot section 

Simple, safe and exceptionally easy to handle, the Lock-Rite design provides visual confirmation that the foot section is securely locked into place.


Closeness when it matters most

A. Soft-edge basket with tilting feature

Secured to the base by three points of contact, the basket helps provide mothers and caregivers peace of mind. A soft-edge basket with tilting feature provides access and visibility to infant for mom and caregiver.

B. Height adjustable

Adjustable height provides ergonomic positioning for caregivers and mother-to-infant closeness, regardless of bed height.

C. Two-way drawers

Offers easy access to storage, helping limit disturbance to the newborn. Soft-close slides secure drawers during transport with magnetic catch.

Nara newborn hospital bassinet

Unity hospital sleeper bench

Unity sleeper bench

Help keep your patients’ families comfortable

A. Bed to sleeper in seconds

Easily converts from sofa to bed with a simple pull and flip design, offering a dedicated, cleanable and moisture barrier sleep surface.

B. Customizable configurations

Six models available including customizable back, armrest and tablet configurations.

C. Cleanable design

Open slat design with clean out space around cushions for easy housekeeping and infection control practices.


Help with recovery in our safest and most innovative bed

A. IsoTour gel support surface

Helps keep mom safe by preventing all stages of pressure injuries by addressing key risk factors of skin breakdown: pressure, shear, and moisture.

B. Low height

At just 11.5" from the ground, ProCuity's low height makes getting in and out of bed easier for patients, helping to prevent falls and fall-related injuries.

C. Patient assist

With nurse assistance, helps put patients in optimal position to assist in getting in and out of bed safely.

Procuity hospital bed

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Prime TC

Every aspect of the Prime TC seated transport chair is designed to help create a welcoming and safe environment. Prime TC is not your ordinary wheelchair and redesigned the way we think about seated patient transport. The BackSmart ergonomics have been incorporated into the design to help reduce the bending and reaching that may be associated with caregiver injury. A rigid frame helps enhance durability while reducing the risk of theft. This investment in the well-being of patients and caregivers tells them you care about their comfort and safety.

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The next step in mobility.

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Simple, safe, efficient management of patient temperature

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Visually communicates a comforting environment for small children and their families.

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SurgiCount + Triton

Enabling technology to improve maternal care.