Support Surface

Pressure redistribution using CoreGel Technology.


ComfortGel at a glance

The ComfortGel Support Surface is designed to redistribute pressure in the vulnerable sacral region to help prevent pressure injuries and provide optimal comfort for a superior patient experience.*

  • CoreGel

  • Sloped heel

  • Positioning pocket

  • Immersion

* The 84” ComfortGel Support Surface was used for the pressure mapping tests

Product features

CoreGel technology

CoreGel Technology

ComfortGel support surface uses patented CoreGelTechnology to help redistribute pressure and reducereturn force.1

Sloped heel

Sloped heel

This section helps to reduces the risk of heel breakdown.

Positioning pocket

Positioning pocket

The CoreGel Technology (in conjunction with S3 StayPut Technology) creates a positioning pocket thathelps prevent the patient from migrating to the foot endof the bed when head of bed is elevated.

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