Enabling hospital fall prevention strategies through connected bed workflows

Solutions designed with safety in mind

Falls in hospitals can take a heavy toll on patient outcomes and experience.


Integrating smart, connected beds with your hospital’s communication system is a technology approach that can be used as part of a comprehensive patient-fall prevention strategy.


Our solutions can help support prevention of patient falls and reduce injuries from falls while simplifying nurse workflows.

Improve workflow efficiency and patient-centric care in your hospital with real-time data

Connect the bed to connect the nurse

Help nurses scale in supporting hospital fall prevention protocols while easing their burden

Secure Connect 

With Secure Connect, ProCuity automatically connects to your facility’s nurse call system cable-free to transmit nurse call requests, bed exit alarms and more, with 99.99% reliability.*

Vision clinical dashboard

When fewer nurses are caring for more patients, it takes Vision. Our Vision clinical dashboard gives nurses and staff remote visibility to safe bed protocol compliance.

Vocera Platform for clinical communication and workflow

Nurses can receive bed data and priority notifications through their mobile communication device when they can’t be at the bedside.**

Vocera Platform for clinical communication and workflow

Help reduce alarm fatigue and enhance patient safety

Right alarm, right recipient, right time

When Engage Medical Device Alarm Notification (EMDAN)***, part of Vocera Engage, is integrated with a ProCuity bed through our wireless system, bed exit alarms are sent to the right care team members almost instantly on their mobile device anywhere in the facility.

Receive bed protocol notifications 

Vocera Engage can be used to create customizable workflows to help provide hospitals with protocol notifications based on their own guidelines. Workflows to support hospital fall prevention protocols include bed exit not set, bed out of compliance and bed exit with escalation.

Manage workflow around the patient

With our platform, clinicians have an information chain at their fingertips, with context about the patient, event and care team – sent directly to them on their communication device.

Receive real-time data through your clinical EHR and help with communication and workflow efficiency in a hospital

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Supporting hospital fall prevention

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Specifically, you will learn:

  • How you can use technology to take low-value tasks off nurses’ plates and streamline workflows
  • The role a hospital bed can play in reducing alarm fatigue and enhancing patient safety
  • How one hospital achieved a 62% reduction in bed-related falls while achieving high levels of care team satisfaction1

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