Vocera Minibadge

Smart. Light. Powerful.

Hands-free communication for complex hospital environments. Triage urgency of events, call for help and more without needing to use your hands.

Unleash the power of simplified communications
Utilize the simple, intuitive and impactful design of the Vocera Minibadge to help make clinical communication easier for everyone.
Female Critical Care Nurse masked up and wearing a Vocera Minibadge on her scrubs

Streamline hospital communications and workflow

Care teams need tools and devices to help streamline the communication needed to get the job done, while minimizing interruption fatigue and safeguarding the staff. 

The Minibadge can help by: 

  • making it easy for people to locate each other and communicate quickly
  • enabling care teams to communicate safely and effectively during hands-on patient care workflows
  • ensure they can reach help quickly when an emergency arises

Designed and built for patient care

  • Communicate intuitively: Say, “OK Vocera” to wake up the device and start communicating. The Vocera Minibadge implements a natural, easy and intuitive voice-driven flow.

  • Improve staff safety: Even under restrictive PPE, communicate safely and quickly. When emergencies arise, activate a dedicated panic button and open a discreet communication channel to the response team.
  • Easily reach the right person or team: Find someone by saying their name, role, group, or even extension. Call anyone, inside or outside your health system.

  • Triage events quickly: Determine the urgency of events via notifications with LED indicators on the Minibadge.

  • Leverage smartphone functionality: Use the Minibadge with a smartphone to view and share detailed patient, event, and care team context.
Doctors discuss patient in the hospital hallway while wearing Vocera Minibadges

Communicate clearly and easily

  • Enjoy smooth, natural bidirectional conversation
  • Receive voice calls, messages, and notifications with visual urgency indicators
  • Make and answer calls hands-free. Just say "Ok Vocera"
  • Communicate safely, even under restrictive PPE
Nurse uses smartphone to collect patient information

Use by itself or with a smartphone

  • Make and receive calls, listen and respond to messages and receive notifications hands-free
  • Triage the urgency of events quickly with visual indicators
  • View and share detailed patient, event and care team context for messages when needed with a smartphone 
  • Take calls on the Minibadge or transfer them to your smartphone
Masked healthcare workers speak with a patient while wearing Vocera Minibadges

Simplify your workflow

  • Help reduce interruption fatigue
  • Send and listen to messages
  • Connect quickly with the person you need by saying the name, role, or group of who you need to reach

Device features

Voice-activated communication with mechanical call button
62mm x 52mm x 17mm
Swappable battery with 3.5hrs active life, 45 hrs standby
Dedicated panic button
Ruggedized for healthcare with IP54 Ingress Protection
Use with your smartphone
USB-C charging port

Core functions

Place and receive calls
"OK Vocera" to wake device
Send / receive messages (via voice)
Receive notifications with limited context, use with smartphone for additional context
Search users and groups by voice command
Minibadge product image - angled
Minibadge product image - forward

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