Training and education

Healthcare professionals

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Stryker’s new Education and training calendar is now available. Learn about upcoming courses and events.

FocusRN is Stryker’s accredited learning portal created for nurses, by nurses. This free resource provides clinical education and tools that address the challenges nurses face in patient care every day.

Trauma & Extremities Academic Courses for healthcare. The educational experience that matters.

Stryker's LEARN was created in 2014 as a support initiative provide educational grants to perioperative nurses. At Stryker LEARN, we are deeply committed to improving patient outcomes. By supporting the OR with access to the latest technologies, training and innovations, we aim to be the leader in providing resources to empower and advance your team.

Our long history of innovation and constant development in advanced imaging and OR connectivity is driven by the desire to allow you to see and do more. Our surgical visualization medical education team delivers world class education and training. Learn about our advanced imaging modalities, SPY fluorescence imaging, clinical data and additional resources here.

Learn about procedures, products and resources for Stryker's Interventional Spine products.

We deliver world class education and training on the use of our products in accordance with their validated surgical technique. This is our enduring commitment to healthcare professionals and improving patient outcomes in order to make healthcare better.

The Plastic Surgery Hyperguide contains tutorials in Craniofacial Trauma and Congenital: Cleft/Craniofacial Trauma.