Neurosurgical Medical Education

Our Vision

We are committed to partnering with you to deliver meaningful education that improves outcomes and makes healthcare better.
Together, we're working to deliver best-in-class educational courses to advance surgical techniques and utilization of surgical devices for healthcare professionals.


Medical education

Stryker is always exploring and creating new medical devices. We’re committed to bringing you and your team exceptional educational experiences and world-class support to improve care and optimize results. We listen to the needs of healthcare professionals around the world and develop activities that address evolving clinical and operational challenges.

We offer a full range of learning opportunities and are always developing new, industry-leading education and training resources. Each year, our medical education team trains thousands of healthcare professionals on our neuro, spine, ENT and navigation products. From hands-on laboratory practicums in our Mobile Lab to educational presentations on the most up-to-date medical technologies and care practices, we help you and your team make your skills even stronger.

Educational Courses

Programs created for you

We understand that there’s never a typical day in the O.R. That's why we've gone beyond traditional learning settings to provide professionals with an experiential education opportunity through hands-on laboratory practicums or dissection courses, structured exercises and a wide range of application and technique demonstrations. Whether it's conducted at our Mobile Lab, on-site or at one of our state-of-the-art training centers, we’re committed to helping you optimize your performance and potential.

Advanced Resident Courses

  • Delivered nationally, regionally and locally, led by Stryker’s Medical Education Team 
  • Topics include: Neurotology, Cranial Approaches, Rhinology, Endoscopic Skull Base, Otology, Spine

O.R. Professional Workshops

  • Delivered nationally, regionally and locally, led by Stryker’s Medical Education Team 
  • Topics include: Cranial, Spine, Ortho and ENT workshops

Computer Assisted Technology Workshops

  • Conducted nationally at state-of-the-art training facilities, led by Stryker's Medical Education Team 
  • Topics include Cranial, Spine, ENT and CMF

Mobile lab

To us, delivering the best learning experience means providing you with accessible and convenient educational opportunities. Our Mobile Lab is a world-class operating room on wheels, equipped with eight integrated lab stations to provide professionals with realistic simulations in a high-tech setting.


With content, equipment and location customized to you, the Mobile Lab is another example of how we’re dedicated to making healthcare better. The Mobile Lab provides an ideal environment for:

  • Medical Education
  • Research and Development
  • Customer Experiences




We've gone virtual

We're taking our MedEd programs virtual.
Whether you are in the office, the OR, or at home, our MedEd team is by your side.

We’ve expanded our MedEd programs in an effort to help you help your patients, adding a range of online training options.
We are committed to providing our best in class MedEd programs and resources!


Grants and donations

Stryker recognizes the critical role of medical education in advancing medical technologies, treatments, knowledge and patient care. With review and approval from Stryker’s Grants and Donations Committee, we’re honored to support worthy educational events with educational grants and charitable contributions.

Learn more and request support

To learn more about our guidelines and apply for an educational grant or charitable contribution, please visit to apply.


To help create the maximum benefit for participants and the larger healthcare community, we’ve developed principles that guide our decisions about which programs to support:

  • We may make educational grants to bona fide educational activities for healthcare professionals and may include funding for accredited continuing education.

  • We make educational grants to institutions—not to individual healthcare professionals.

  • We don’t use grants to induce customers to purchase or use our products or services, to promote off-label uses of our products or as a substitute for discounts.

  • We make grants to educational programs that are scientifically justified—our support is never intended to be promotional.

  • We make continuing medical education grants only to programs that follow standards for development and delivery established by the FDA, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, AdvaMed and other applicable bodies.

  • Stryker is dedicated to supporting medical mission trips. We have partnered with Project C.U.R.E in providing high-quality products for medical missions to developing countries. If you are a medical professional going on a humanitarian trip and are in need of Stryker supplies, please visit

Surgeon engagement

Neurotech Program

Mobile Lab Initiative

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