The happiness impact

The happiness impact
As an industry leader, Stryker continues to innovate in the way it lives its mission and brings value to customers.

Together with our customers,
we are driven to make healthcare better.

We began to brainstorm: Outside of products, how can we show customers we care? How can we share some of Stryker’s cultural “secret sauce” with hospitals? And thus, Stryker’s first externally available leadership course was born! 

Healthcare professionals can bring The Happiness Impact to their hospitals. The course focuses on changing mindsets, boosting happiness and engagement at work and at home. If we can impact those outcomes, not only can we deepen our partnership, there is potential to raise HCAHP scores and even improve patient recovery.* 

The Happiness Impact is a 60-90 minute course including a take-home booklet promoting reflection, gratitude and goal tracking.

The Happiness Impact is facilitated by Mark Sims 

Mark, a 30+ year Stryker veteran, is the Director of Sales Development for Stryker’s Instruments Division. Mark’s responsibilities include new hire training and development opportunities for the Instruments sales force. 

Mark is also part of Stryker’s international training process, a guest lecturer for the UAB Medical Distribution program, a licensed master facilitator for both the Matrix Achievement Group for sales and leadership training and Senn Delaney Corporate Culture programs. Mark was honored to be a contributing author to the “Warrior Sales Monk.”

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