Iconix Knotless

All-suture. Expanded possibilities.​

Introducing Iconix Knotless, the smallest knotless all-suture anchor on the market.1

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The 1.4mm Iconix Knotless anchors are the smallest knotless all-suture anchors on the market.1   

Indicated for soft tissue to bone fixation in surgical procedures in shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle, elbow, and hand and wrist.*


The IntelliBraid Technology supports secure fixation2 with minimal bone removal.3


Iconix knotless anchors are designed for smooth suture shuttling and sequential tensioning to facilitate the desired tension for a repair.4


Iconix Knotless anchors support a low-profile repair.


Available in two configurations

  • Two distinct repair strand color options exist to offer easy identification intra-operatively.
  • Color coded sutures clearly distinguish the #2 repair suture from the #2-0 shuttle suture for ease of use. 

All-suture platform featuring IntelliBraid Technology,

backed by the Iconix family.


IntelliBraid Technology creates a bunching effect using targeted compression zones within the implant sheath for optimal fixation.


The guide, anchor, suture and obturator options allow for a variety of techniques in numerous repairs.*


Minimal bone removal3—The Iconix disposable drills feature a unique self-centering (SC) technology, to ensure accurate pilot hole placement. **

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The Iconix family of anchors (Iconix, Iconix TT, Iconix Needles and Iconix Speed) symbolize the next generation of suture anchor technology. The all-suture based system with a tie-able tape suture option, needles option and self-punching option allows for less bone removal during pilot hole creation without compromising pullout strength.1 The innovative design is truly the first of its kind.

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Shoulder Instability

Stryker’s 1.4mm shoulder instability anchor platform features the Iconix all-suture anchor and the NanoTack TT PEEK anchor, the smallest PEEK anchor on the market.

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*Refer to PUB465 for a full list of indications for use.  **Applicable to PNs 3910500568 and 3910500571.