Sage M-Care

Meatal cleansing cloths

Provide a clean technique for your Foley catheterized patient.

Standards for proper meatal cleansing are not well-defined, which can lead to process variation. In addition to being inconsistent, traditional incontinence cleanup methods increase the risk of cross contamination from basins – a proven CAUTI risk factor – and waterborne hospital-acquired infections. Clean hands, fresh gloves, and Sage M-Care Meatal Cleansing Cloths can help standardize meatal hygiene in your facility.

  • Tested for functional compatibility with common latex and silicone Foley catheters

  • Non-antiseptic, pH-balanced solution is non-irritating to the skin

  • Ultra-soft cloths are comfortable for the patient while removing contaminants and debris

  • Exopheryl Odor Eliminator minimizes potential odor in the meatal area

  • Single-use, non-resealable package promotes proper infection control practice