Sage AirTAP LC

Lift Compatible Patient Repositioning System

Advancing mobility with convenience and confidence.

Sage AirTAP LC

We understand the importance of early mobility. To achieve your mobility protocols and comply with guidelines, you need a readily available solution that stays under your patients and fits seamlessly into your workflow. That’s why we combined our innovative air assist technology with lift compatibility to promote safety and mobility.

3-in-1 mobility

1) In-bed positioning addresses risk factors of pressure injury
2) Lateral transfer utilizes air-assisted technology to safely transfer patients
3) Vertical transfer enables patients to safely transfer to the bedside chair

  • Intuitive strap system enables multiple lifting positions (supine, reclined, and upright)
  • 30° Body and Anchor Wedge System offloads the sacrum, minimizes patient migration down the bed, and reduces the need for boosting
  • Sage M² Microclimate Body Pad effectively absorbs and locks in moisture to protect patient’s skin while allowing air to flow through
  • Inflatable glide sheet with Hi-tech Fabric promotes a healthy microclimate for the skin and is compatible with low air loss technology
  • Integrated head support ensures patient’s head maintains neutral position while inflated
  • Point of Care Power Switch is connected to the Sage Prevalon Air Pump and integrated into the workflow to improve efficiency
  • Easy Roll Handles encourage proper posture for healthcare worker
  • Quick Connect Valve provides an easy, secure connection and a quick release

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