Oscillating Tip Saw


Evolving the way you cut.

Empowering you with precision and control when you need it most. 

The stationary cartridge design allows freehand stabilization of the cartridge body and eliminates wear on the cut guide. Precision cartridges can be used for ankle, shoulder, hip and knee arthroplasty, offering versatility and ensuring all your orthopaedic procedure needs are met. 

  • Length: 90mm, 105mm
  • Width: 20mm, 25mm
  • Thickness: 1.27mm, 1.37mm
  • Reduced movement throughout blade
  • Outward facing cutting teeth with cutting arch of -5° to +5°

Feel the difference

The thinner cartridge design helps eliminate sticking or binding in cut guide slots. Because of the optimal tooth engagement throughout the cut arc, surgeons also reported an improved tactile feel when transitioning to cortical bone.

Optimized for efficiency

Precision’s Falcon saw tooth geometry is 19% faster and comparable to Stryker’s sagittal saw2 speed. It offers enhanced relief features for chip clearance and a reduced blade surface area to decrease cutting temperature


Total confidence,
total control.

Our oscillating tip saw reduces noise and vibration,
enhancing handpiece control for a more precise surgical experience.


Stationary cartridge design

  • Allows for free-hand stabilization of the cartridge body
  • Eliminates wear on the cut guide and 84% reduction in metal as shows in cadaveric TKA model1

Oscillating tip design

  • Reduces noise and vibration for a more precise surgical experience
  • Surgeons report a 23% reduction in excursion arc versus a sagittal blade2

“We learned of course that using a saw with oscillating tip creates way less soft tissue trauma than a conventional oscillating saw.”

Prof. Dr. Philipp Lobenhoffer, Hannover, Germany

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