System 9 EZout 

Powered Acetabular
Revision System

Predictable, consistent results.

Cut with controlled power
Get predictable results
Have confidence in consistency





The EZout system powers the cutting,
so you can handle everything else.

Predictable engineering provides predictable cut paths, so you can have confidence in every cut.

  • Centering plugs help ensure the attachment is accurately in the cup’s center
  • Dual curvature blades follow the exact contour of the cup
  • The blade’s sawing motion results in a smooth cut plane
  • Produces 83% less stress in the bone, reducing the potential for fracture of damage*
  • Results in 60% less bone loss after remaining*
  • Requires a narrower operative space than manual tools, fitting under the femoral head and surrounding tissue*
  • Consistently removes the cup in 3-5 minutes*  
  • Requires 78% less physical exertion to remove a cup

Revolutionary technology 
that minimizes bone tissue loss.

Controlled and precise cutting leads to improved results compared to manual cup revision tools. 


“It seems that our traditional broad blades compress the bone and therefore widen the space, whereas EZout doesn’t seem to do that. It removes a very narrow channel and that seems to mean that you’re then going to implant smaller sockets than your others ones would’ve had to have done.”

Mr. Simon Lewthwaite, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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