Anatomic Dual Mobility

Mobile Bearing Hip System

Anatomic Dual Mobility (ADM) is the only mobile bearing hip that combines an anatomic shell designed to offer you the benefits of a large diameter bearing with low friction.

Exclusive anatomic dual mobility design, exclusively yours

Implant with confidence with our patented ADM X3, the only mobile  bearing hip that combines an anatomic shell design and our X3 precisely engineered polyethylene.1,2 ADM is designed to offer the benefits of a large diameter bearing with low friction, allowing for stability3, longevity4-7 and an anatomic rim.  

ADM’s unique anatomic rim with iliopsoas notch design is exclusive to Stryker. Data obtained through an anatomical cadaver study suggests that over 40% of patients are at risk of psoas conflict.8 ADM was designed with left and right anatomical cup shapes incorporating a psoas cutout to allow for relief between the acetabular shell rim and the iliopsoas tendon.
ADM X3 is based on the dual mobility principle with two points of articulation. Dual mobility bearings marry two well-known concepts in THA: 

  • The Charnley low-friction arthroplasty (LFA) prosthesis has demonstrated clinically that smaller diameter heads lead to less wear.9,10

  • The large head concept from McKee-Farrar recognizes that a large diameter bearing is inherently more stable than a smaller diameter head.9

ADM is a monoblock cobalt chrome alloy shell with plasma sprayed titanium surface overlaid with hydroxyapatite. This shell has a peripheral self-locking (PSL) 1.5mm press-fit.