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Fit matters. Introducing Insignia®.

The Insignia hip stem leverages more than 1,300 CT scans, utilizing a 3D modeling and analytics system, Stryker Orthopedic Modeling and Analytics (SOMA) bone database, and is engineered to optimize fit and function.1 Founded on Stryker’s signature principles of implant fit, Insignia® is your collared, metaphyseal-filling hip stem designed specifically for muscle-sparing approaches.

Key benefits

SOMA designed geometries

Insignia continues Stryker’s heritage of 3D CT-based implant design through SOMA (Stryker Orthopedics Modeling and Analytics) technology. First used in Accolade II with its size-specific medial curvature, SOMA allows Stryker to dynamically test implant designs to allow for an enhanced implant fit across various femoral morphologies. Insignia incorporates geometries of two clinically successful stems – the SOMA design of Accolade II and the trapezoidal design of Secur-Fit – to optimize cortical engagement and proximal fill.1, 2


Size-specific collar

Maximize calcar coverage, while minimizing overhang across various femoral morphologies with SOMA-designed size specific collars (5-7mm).1 Insignia’s collar sizes increase proportionally to the implant body to help minimize the likelihood of psoas impingement from implant overhang.3

Femoral Offset Range Comparison (mm)4-8

Offset range

Insignia features a direct lateral offset and a 132-degree neck angle, which provides the ability to lateralize +5mm across the size range and enable independent adjustment of offset while maintaining leg length. Insignia utilized SOMA* to establish market leading femoral offset coverage to effectively recreate patient biomechanics.4†

*Based on 1,138 CT scans

†As compared to stems in the graph

Tri-Stage™ Broach

Stryker’s first patent pending instrument designed with SOMA technology. The unique broach features three tooth geometries to prepare a tapered press fit region to provide an accurate and reproducible stem seating height relative to the final broach.1

Ease of insertion

Stryker's comprehensive hip portfolio coupled with Insignia is designed specifically for your modern muscle- sparing approach like the Direct Anterior Reconstructive Technology (DART). Insignia’s low-profile shoulder, short stem lengths, and distal relief are designed for ease of lateralization and insertion during muscle-sparing approaches.



Stryker’s femoral tray system is built for efficiency. One general hip instrument tray is compatible across three femoral stems (Insignia, Accolade II, and Exeter), allowing for minimal tray usage and cross-compatibility.

Lever broach handles

Insignia is designed to meet the needs of muscle-sparing approaches; your instrumentation should be as well. Stryker broach handles are available in straight, offset, extra offset, and dual offset designs. Newly designed broach handles feature a lever to actively secure the broach. This design is meant to minimize potential toggle and ensure reproducibility of bone preparation. Each handle is fully compatible with Accolade II, Exeter, and Insignia femoral systems.

Mako compatibility

Mako SmartRobotics combines three key components: 3D CT-based planning, AccuStop haptic technology, and insightful data analytics, into one platform that has shown better outcomes for your total knee, total hip and partial knee patients.9,10,11

Mako SmartRobotics™ with Insignia empowers surgeons to know more through CT based planning, unlocking patient specific planning and robotic-arm assisted execution to preserve bone and achieve precise implant placement. Enables surgeons to tackle muscle-sparing approaches with ease through approach-specific registration.


Mako Total Hip 4.1 software, US only


Introducing the Insignia Hip Stem

We designed the Insignia Hip Stem for fit, function, and flexibility to meet the needs of our patients. Hear Dr. Bryan Springer, Dr. Antonia Chen, and Dr. Timothy Lovell* discuss their experiences with Insignia.

Insignia cadaveric demo

Dr. Jeremy Gililland* describes his experience with the Insignia Hip Stem through the Direct Anterior Approach.

* Drs. Chen, Gililland, Lovell, and Springer are paid consultants of Stryker Orthopaedics. The opinions expressed by Drs. Chen, Gililland, Lovell, and Springer are those of Drs. Chen, Gililland, Lovell, and Springer. Individual experiences may vary.



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