Hip Stem

How much does fit matter to you?

Insignia leverages more than 1,300 CT scans utilizing a 3D modeling and analytics system, the Stryker Orthopaedic Modeling and Analytics (SOMA) bone database. The stem is engineered to optimize fit and function.
Key features include:

  • A size-specific medial curvature to support cortical engagement.2,3,4

  • An optimized A/P fill* which is designed to preserve bone and prioritizes M/L fit prior to A/P filling of the femur.

  • A size specific collar engineered to maximize calcar coverage1

  • A direct lateral offset of +5mm across the size range to enable independent adjustment of offset while maintaining leg length.

  • A slim distal profile designed to accommodate varying size femoral canals

Insignia also utilizes a patent-pending Tri-Stage™ Broach that features:
• Extraction teeth facilitate cancellous bone removal for enhanced cortical fit1
• Compaction teeth enable bone preservation and initial stability
• Distal diamond cutting teeth help remove diaphyseal bone and are oversized by 0.5mm to promote proximal fit