Secur-Fit Advanced

Femoral Hip Stem

Our flagship “fit and fill” femoral stem based on a clinically successful design with modern SOMA-designed refinements*

Proven design, refined

Secur-Fit Advanced is based on prior clinically successful designs1-2 with refinements to the neck geometry and instrumentation: a proven design, refined.

The Secur-Fit Advanced system offers two neck angles – 127 degrees and 132 degrees – which allows flexibility in adjusting offset intra-operatively. In addition, normalization patterns on the anterior and posterior aspects of the proximal end of the stem facilitate press-fit stability and load transmission. Based on 3D simulations, these normalizations are designed to convert medial and lateral shear stresses to compressive forces, which may facilitate proximal loading.3 Additional design refinements also include SOMA-designed offsets to help restore patient biomechanics.4
Advancing our fit and fill stem history
Secur-Fit Advanced incorporates the signature body geometry and normalizations of OmniFit and Secur-Fit. Published studies demonstrate clinical performance and survivorship of more than 15 years with OmniFit HA1 and up to 10 years with Secur-Fit HA and Secur-Fit Plus.2,5 Secur-Fit Advanced also features Stryker’s PureFix HA coating applied proximally, which is supported by over 15 years of clinical success in different stems.1
Refined instrumentation
Secur-Fit Advanced instrumentation has been designed to make surgical procedures efficient and reproducible.6 Secur-Fit Advanced features a transitional press-fit design and refined broach technology that together have demonstrated accurate and reproducible stem seating in bench-top testing.6

*Based on 506 CT scans