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Rest easy with Restoration® Modular

Make the most of your revision cases with a clinically-backed platform that is designed to leverage versatility and simplicity to help you achieve desired revision THA outcomes. Keep up with your active patients and rest easy with Restoration Modular. 


Launched in 2003, there have been over 181,000 Restoration Modular constructs implanted globally; providing solutions for femoral Type 1 through Type 4 revisions.1 This comprehensive system provides the flexibility to help address a broad range of revision scenarios with instrumentation that is designed to facilitate OR efficiency.

Key benefits


Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) should not take away from the patient’s daily activity. 

Based on bench top testing, Restoration Modular has demonstrated that it can withstand daily activity after revision THA such as stair climbing and rising from a seated position.3, 5, 8, 9, 10

To enhance fatigue strength and resistance to fretting of the taper junction, Stryker Orthopaedics utilizes a proprietary shot peening process on its Restoration Modular Hip System modular taper junction.2,3 

Based on bench-top testing, Stryker’s proprietary shot peening process has provided a 33% increase in taper fatigue strength compared to non-shot peened junction.5

No reported taper junction failure in over 181,000 cases since 2003.1,13

Stryker’s test parameters5

Potting level: Distal stem is potted such that proximal / distal taper junction is above potting medium 

Proximal body: 25mm +0 Cone Body 

Head: +12mm Offset: 53mm 

Orientation: 10° Valgus / 9° Flexion

ISO 7206-4 requirement.12 2,300N (517lbs) 5 million cycles Stryker’s requirement.5 4,450N (1,000lbs) 10 million cycles


The 115mm Restoration Modular Conical Stem expands Stryker’s renowned revision portfolio; enabling a muscle-sparing surgical approach. This stem is designed to address type 1 to type 4 revision cases, complex primary cases, and cases with Dorr Type A femurs that require shorter stems.11*

The Restoration Modular System provides the flexibility to help address a broad range of revision scenarios.
Stryker’s comprehensive revision portfolio offers a variety of solutions to help meet your needs for revision and complex primary cases and is poised to elevate your care.*
* Refer to the Instructions for Use for the indications cleared for these products in your country.

Restoration® Modular implant sizes


Historically simple, straight-forward instruments designed to allow for OR efficiency are further refined to fewer trays and streamlined instrumentation: helping to lower sterilization costs and creating a system more suitable for today’s healthcare environment.

Updated instrumentation is compatible with a single handle, the Orthonomic Modular Handle, to further enhance operating simplicity.
Restoration Modular is designed to meet the needs of various patient anatomies; your instrumentation should be as well.
Restoration® Modular tray layouts

Clinical evidence

Revision heritage, backed by real results

“Stability was achieved in 97% of patients.”

Included Paprosky classification Type I, II, III and IV femurs.⁶

“Survivorship for the whole group was 96.9% at 5 years.”

Prospective multicenter study from 13 centers evaluating the use of the Restoration Modular System in 116 patients.⁴

“93% of patients reported being satisfied with their revision surgery.”

Retrospective review of 115 stems in 106 patients with the Restoration Modular System at a minimum follow-up of 2 years (range 2 to 9 years).⁷


“Very satisfied with the new instrumentation and the short stem option. I feel as though this is a homerun. Glad to continue to use it.”
– Dr. Baratz
Milton, MA*


“LOVE IT and will plan to use Res Mod 115 for every revision case when indicated. Outstanding simplicity of instrumentation. Loved the ease of using the same instrument to insert the distal stem AND ream on top of the inserter for the proximal body. The new 115 Restoration Modular stem pairs effortlessly simple instrumentation and technique with an extremely versatile implant. This is my go-to stem for all revisions and complex primaries. The new 115 length helps me conserve bone while still offering the versatility of a modular diaphyseal fitting stem with completely customizable length, offset and version.”
– Dr. Wasterlain
Middletown, CT*

*The opinions expressed by Drs. Baratz and Wasterlain are those of Drs. Baratz and Wasterlain, respectively, and not necessarily those of Stryker. Individual experiences may vary.


Stryker’s SOMA-verified11 115mm conical stem is designed to facilitate ease of insertion and accommodate your approach.
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