Video Imaging Processor (VIP) Package

Part of the Connected OR Hub

The Video Image Processing (VIP) Package provides digital image enhancement and automated smoke detection/evacuation to improve surgical visualization. This intelligent technology is designed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts in mind, and is intended to improve operational efficiency through automation and customized control for the surgeon and staff.*

Anticipate your needs with Stryker’s first software solution designed with artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts in mind.

The future is software


Anticipate your needs

Automated smoke detection and evacuation algorithm.

  • In combination with our PneumoClear Integrated Insufflator and Smoke Evacuator, the VIP package is furthering Stryker’s initiative to help transform the OR into a smoke-free environment through a first-of-its kind automation.
  • The smoke detection algorithm is customizable and tailored to surgeon preference for enhanced efficiency.


Real-time image enhancement

In environments where surgical visualization is disrupted with surgical smoke or plume, automateor control the activation of our intelligent image enhancement.

Six Clarity enhancements

Each enhancement utilizes a specific algorithm to apply different levels of contrast, saturation, and sharpness and are not specific to a single surgical environment.

93% of surgeons believe the VIP Package positively impacts the efficiency of their OR.1

The smart insufflator


Maintain a clear surgical environment and image with our smart inflow and outflow management designed to maintain stability while actively evacuating smoke.

Consolidate insufflation needs with Stryker's all-in-one heated, humidified, and smoke evacuation platform on the market.