PneumoClear Insufflator

The clear choice in surgical insufflation.

This 50-liter insufflator is an all-inclusive integrated heating, humidification and smoke evacuation platform on the market. It enables the visualization system to provide consistently clear images through an inflow and outflow management system, while actively evacuating smoke during laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

All-in-one insufflation


Indicated for use in Colorectal, Laparoscopy and General Surgery

The numbers don't lie. Exposure of smoke in the OR could lead to risks including chronic bronchitis, carcinoma, leukemia, cardiovascular disfunction and more.1




One day in the OR can have the same outcome as exposure to up to 27 cigarettes.2

priority pollutants

16 EPA priority pollutants are found in surgical smoke.3


150 chemicals are found 
in surgical smoke.4

healthcare workers

500,000 healthcare workers are exposed to laser and electrosurgical smoke each year.1



Protecting you as you protect others

Consistently clear images

Smart inflow and outflow management designed to maintain stability while actively evacuating smoke.


Control of your environment

Addresses fluctuations in pressure with developed operating modes.

Helps control your operation by addressing fluctuations in pressure and improving post-operative patient recovery through the use of heated and humidified CO2 vs. cold and dry insufflation.

PneumoClear is able to filter particles as small as .051 microns with up to 99.999993% efficiency for outflow.


All-in-one integration

All-inclusive system of heated and humidified CO2 with active smoke evacuation in a single lightweight and flexible tube set.


Six operating modes

The six operating modes available are standard, advanced flow, highflow/bariatric, pediatric, TAMIS and vessel harvest.

Safety in the OR

Smart insufflation

  • Heating, humidification and smoke evacuation with five layers of protection.
  • One tube set with ULPA filtration capable of filtering particles as small as 0.01 μm.7

Video Imaging Processor (VIP) Package 
Part of the Connected OR Hub

The future is software

In combination with our PneumoClear Integrated Insufflator and Smoke Evacuator, the VIP package is furthering Stryker’s initiative to help transform the OR into a smoke-free environment through a first-of-its kind automation.

The smoke detection algorithm is customizable and tailored to surgeon preference for enhanced efficiency.