the iSuite

Your customized integrated OR ecosystem,
designed to increase safety, operational efficiency
and patient and staff satisfaction.

The iSuite Experience

The iSuite Experience

You are team-oriented. We are too. Together we share a common goal of providing exceptional patient care. This begins with the iSuite - your customized, efficient, seamlessly integrated operating room. To create your iSuite, our team will guide you through the entire process, one we’ve successfully completed thousands of times. Our process is comprised of three essential elements: design, equip and connect. This includes designing and planning your room, providing world-class equipment and connecting your OR to the world.

World class operating rooms
designed for safer, more efficient patient care.

Reduction in trips and falls

Increased safety: Reduce consequential trips and falls by 93% by reducing your equipment footprint in the operating room.1

Man hours per case

Increased productivity: Increase the productivity of surgical staff by 0.8 man hours per case with devices that are quickly and easily controlled.1

Minute reduction in turnovers

Increased efficiency: The iSuite provides an average of 11 minutes reduction in room turnover time with effective room set-up.1

Experience the latest
from Stryker.

The future of OR integration is here

Introducing the Connected OR IP Integration system.

Hospital Status

Providing visibility to increase efficiency and improve workflow.

Reimagine your OR

Design your OR with Stryker and see the difference. 

Customized lighting experience

Introducing the SLX628 Surgical light with Sterile Control +.

Customize your iSuite
with Stryker's complete line of integrated equipment.
From surgical tables, lights and equipment management, to routers and cables, Stryker offers all the major equipment for the fully integrated OR suite. Create a unique, customized environment, regardless of your specialty.

A. Surgical Lights
Illuminate the surgical field in your operating suite with Stryker's surgical lights. Delivering maximum brightness and offering multiple configuration options, you can customize your lighting experience.

B. OR Integration
Power your iSuite, simplify your workflow, increase efficiency and streamline communication with Stryker's Connected OR Operating System. 

C. Surgical Tables
Designed with patients and staff in mind, the Stryker Operon D-series surgical table offers the flexibility demanded by modern surgical environments with it's improved mobility and modular design.

D. Equipment Management System
Stryker's equipment management system provides ceiling-mounted solutions, reducing reliance on carts and enabling you to streamline the workflow of your care environment.  

Control your tomorrow, by connecting today. 

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