iSuite media management

Media asset management system

Our media asset management system that allows you to archive, edit and share media content captured during surgical cases.

iSuite media management

The iSuite media management system provides a centralized storage solution for the archiving and management of surgical videos and images. Seamless integration with the digital capture system facilitates a secure hand-off of media assets to long term storage, diminishing the need to archive data on DVDs and USBs.
The software makes it easy for authorized users to search, edit and share surgical media from an intuitive web browser-based interface. Integration with a hospital’s EMR system allows surgical videos and images to be accessed directly from patient charts. iSuite media management has limited integration with EMR; integration is provided by iSuite EMR Connectivity. Whether creating an educational presentation, sharing surgical footage with a patient, or sending a referring physician a link to view a procedure, Our iSuite media management system makes it easy for surgeons to utilize their surgical videos and images.

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