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Quick, efficient hands-free communication for veterinary care teams

Help provide safer care with less stress


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Help veterinary care teams work smarter, not harder

Creating a better experience for them and the patients and clients they care about

Effective veterinary care team communication can affect how clients perceive the veterinary practice and their pets’ care. It helps veterinary teams work together more efficiently and provide safer care.1 Our flexible technology platform can scale across your entire operation, from a single department to multiple sites.

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Communicate easily with individuals or groups

Save steps and time by reaching individuals and groups fast without needing to know names or numbers. If your hands are on the patient and you’re wearing scrubs and gloves, you can communicate quickly, hands-free.

  • Press the Call button on the Smartbadge (or say, “OK Vocera”) and say the name, group, department or role of the person you’re trying to reach to connect directly.
  • For example, say, “Broadcast to Triage Team,” or “Call Vet Tech,” or “Call Front Desk.”
  • See who’s available with a near-real time directory view of staff in different functional areas across your facility.
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Accelerate triage

Facilitate communication and coordination between clients and staff inside and outside the facility to accelerate triage.

  • Reach team members throughout the facility for assistance if a client arrives with an animal in distress.
  • Organize surgical teams rapidly and contact clients promptly when a decision is needed about proceeding with treatment.
  • Staff can call each other directly and use an earpiece or handset mode to allow more discreet conversations and a quieter environment.
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Reach help fast in an emergency or threat

The Smartbadge has a built-in panic button intended for emergencies and active threats. Press it to discreetly broadcast to a response group.

  • Response group members will see the name and location of who’s sending the broadcast.
  • They can hear what’s happening and communicate directly with that person if the situation allows it.
  • Staff can use the Smartbadge to make a straight call to 911.
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