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The Vocera Technical Support Portal has recently expanded its audience to provide public access to select resources such as Product Documentation, Knowledge Articles, Vocera Minute Videos, and more. Designated Vocera customers with active support contracts have access to all public content as well as additional features, such as the ability to submit support tickets and warranty service requests (RMA tickets) for Vocera hardware.

Customer support

For product documentation, knowledge articles, Vocera minute videos, and more. 

Technical documentation

The Vocera documentation portal provides easy access to the documentation for all Vocera products.

Vocera University

Vocera University offers a hands-on, interactive educational experiences through classroom training, distance learning and customized courseware. Training courses are provided for systems administrators, IT professionals, as well as industry-specific, end-user educators.

Voice commands reference

The Vocera Platform offers the ability to call by name, group or role from a range of devices including iPhone and Android smartphones, and the Vocera hands-free wearable Badge. Below you will find a list of the top voice commands commonly used by Vocera customers.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs are secret messages or jokes intentionally hidden within software code. The name borrows from the holiday ritual of Easter egg hunts, where children hunt for eggs that often contain surprises and treasures.

Vocera eStore

Order Vocera Badges, Smartphones, batteries and other Vocera related products. 

Manufacturing Data

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Warranty Information

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Contact Support

US Support


Submit ticket by email:

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(M-F, 8 am – 5 pm PT): 

International Support


Technical Support:1-800-242-132 


Technical Support:8000 1058 


Technical Support:800 473-3971 


Technical Support:1800 903-225 


Technical Support:22069119 

New Zealand

Sales:0800 446-149 
Technical Support:0800 444-409 


Technical Support:800 77670 


Technical Support:00800 100-276 

Saudi Arabia

Technical Support:800 885-1005
(STC)800 850-0628  

United Arab Emirates

Technical Support:8000 3570-4345 

United Kingdom

Sales:0800 652-8773 
Technical Support:0800 731-0586