Workplace Communications

Help your team stay connected and safe

Communication to enhance school safety and security

Equip teachers, administrators, security personnel and others to communicate quickly and broadly.

Go beyond walkie-talkies and panic button point solutions with Stryker’s lightweight, wearable Vocera Smartbadge. It brings together hands-free voice calling, secure messaging, notifications and a panic button in one device.

  • Broadcast to a group or everyone in a facility to follow a protocol such as lockdown or shelter in place.
  • Press the panic button to open a direct communication channel to a response team or 911.
  • Say, “Okay Vocera” to wake up the device and initiate conversation.

Vocera communication technology integrates with other campus safety technologies to help speed law enforcement response and allow broad communication in the event of a threat or environmental emergency.

Discover how Stryker’s Vocera solutions can equip staff to communicate quickly and broadly every day – and to take fast, appropriate action to help protect students and each other in an emergency.

Equipping teachers with effective communication tools can enhance school safety and security
A long-term care nurse wearing a Vocera mini badge visits with a patient

Hands-free communication for long-term care communities

Equip staff to be connected, protected and responsive

Make it easier for staff to locate and reach each other across long-term care communities with Stryker’s lightweight, wearable Vocera Smartbadge. The Smartbadge brings together voice calling, secure messaging, notifications and a panic button in one device.

  • Make calls and send secure texts without needing to know a name, extension, or phone number.
  • Say, “Okay Vocera” and the name, group, department, or role of the person you’re trying to reach to connect quickly.
  • Know who is and isn’t available with a near-real time directory view of staff in different functional areas across your facility. 

With Vocera technology, staff can work smarter, not harder, spending less time and energy looking for people and more on fulfilling acts of caregiving. Residents can feel more at home thanks to quiet, discreet communication and more timely service.

Hands-free communication for veterinary hospitals

Connect your care teams quickly and efficiently.

Veterinary care hospitals are dynamic and often chaotic environments that demand hands-on client care while communicating on the go. Stryker’s Vocera technology is wearable, hands-free communication for veterinary care environments. With our solutions, your care teams can connect quickly and communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

  • Save steps and time.
  • Reach help quickly in an emergency.
  • Communicate safely, even while wearing PPE.

Vocera solutions enable fast hands-free communication, allowing staff to reach the right people at the right time without having to know names or numbers. Our flexible technology platform can scale across your entire operation, from a single department to multiple sites.

Vocera offers hands-free communication devices for vets
Hotel staff can stay connected to each other through Stryker's Vocera communication technology

Hotel staff communication solutions

Streamline hotel communications and enhance staff safety

Stryker’s Vocera communication technology helps your staff to provide the exceptional service your guests expect. The Vocera Smartbadge is a discreet, wearable device hotel staff can use to communicate quickly and directly hands-free and manage service requests. In an emergency, the Smartbadge provides a discreet panic button to summon security personnel fast.

  • Allow staff to make calls and send secure texts without needing to know a name, extension, or phone number.
  • Eliminate walkie-talkie chatter – staff can call each other directly and use an earpiece or handset mode for more discreet conversations.
  • Integrate our solutions with your PBX and service request system to streamline housekeeping and maintenance workflow.

Help keep your staff connected, protected and responsive – hands-free.

Workflow efficiency

  • Choose the right device for the role: Vocera communication software also runs on iOS® and Android™ smartphones. Equip each user with the appropriate device to meet the needs of their job.
  • Respond to calls or texts without interrupting critical tasks or important interaction with others.
  • Say the name, group, department, or role of the person you’re trying to reach, to connect quickly. There’s no need to know a name, extension, or phone number.

Technology and integration

Integrates with multiple emergency communication solutions including:

  1. Situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.
  2. Critical event management solutions that rapidly pinpoint threats and automate response.
  3. Solutions for access control.
Vocera badges and mobile app screen
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