Smart Equipment Management

The future of device management is here.

Supporting proactive device maintenance, balanced product use, spend justification, simplified service and asset tracking.

Smart devices. Actionable data. Informed decisions.

Originated through research and guided by our customers, we are pleased to offer Smart Equipment Management (SEM), a revolutionary, web-based solution designed to help you optimize the management of your power tools through device-derived, actionable data. 


Smart Equipment Management | Stryker

Product overview

Make a smart connection today

Connecting is simple – and with a secure internet connection, you're ready to access actionable data.

Product features

Proactive device maintenance: Predict, prepare, perform

Through a proprietary supervised learning algorithm; SEM closely analyzes each device; tracking your usage patterns and monitoring hundreds of performance variables to deliver device-specific maintenance predictions. Given these insights, customers can:

  • Gain visibility to devices trending towards a sub-optimal state
  • Remove devices from rotation, which may help reduce downtime events
  • Schedule preventative maintenance services by need, not assumption


Balanced product use: Insight across the board

By monitoring usage of specific device types, SEM identifies both over- and under-utilized devices across your organization. Given these insights, customers can:

  • Better rotate handpieces to help increase overall equipment utilization
  • Lessen the strain placed on individual devices




Spend justification of capital assets: Supporting evidence

Through SEM, device usage can be modeled to current and historical case volumes, highlighting days where case demand meets or exceeds device availability. Given these insights, customers can:

  • Avoid the risks of running too lean
  • Validate capital equipment needs
  • Leverage information to inform and influence case scheduling

Simplified service: Enhanced service from Stryker

Supplementing the already superior service you receive from us; SEM delivers an online method for requesting, reporting, and monitoring service from Stryker. Given these capabilities, customers can:

  • Submit maintenance requests with a click of a button
  • Monitor loaner deployment within your facility
  • Access service history records to assist with compliance and internal reporting

Asset tracking: Daily vitals

Through intuitive dashboards and tabular reports, SEM provides increased visibility to your equipment. Given these insights, customers can:

  • Monitor individual and comparative fleet data
  • Save time locating devices through "last seen" location information

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