Neptune S

Waste Management System


Neptune S at a glance

A waste management system designed with your staff in mind. Meet Neptune S, the only constantly closed low-fluid waste management system on the market. With constantly closed SealShut technology, an easy hands-free docking process and integrated specimen collection, Neptune S streamlines your process from start to finish.

  • Waist-level flat-top worksurface

  • Front user interface screen

  • Integrated specimen collection

  • Constantly closed system

  • 8L of fluid capacity

Product features


Constantly closed

Neptune S is the only constantly closed waste management system on the market reducing biohazardous fluid exposure during and after cases. 


Illuminated Specimen Collection

Integrated specimen collection allows a more streamlined process. Illumination of the manifold aids in easy visualization of the specimen.


Illuminated worksurface

The illuminated worksurface maximizes space to enable easy specimen transfer into the formalin jar. 


8 L of fluid capacity

8 liters of fluid capacity allows for quick turnover time between procedures. Once the internal canister becomes close to full, an alert will appear to dock your rover before it reaches 8 liters.


Backup basket

The backup basket offers additional specimen collection security, capturing specimen 2mm or larger. 



Paired with our docking station with connectivity you will have digital visibility offering reliability and efficiency for your staff

Open waste management systems require nearly 3.5 times as much staff time for setup and maintenance during  procedures and post-procedure waste disposal