We’re laser focused on Neuro, Spine, and ENT

You and your team work in a high-stress, high-stakes environment performing life-saving procedures in the body’s most critical and complex areas. We’re by your side every step of the way with breakthrough ideas, performance-enhancing products and deep, collaborative relationships. We make sure every tool and every interaction makes your job easier and strengthens your results.

Featured products and services

We offer products for the specific needs of Neurosurgical, Spine and ENT physicians with a comprehensive suite of products developed for the precision required by these specialties. Our product innovation is focused on improving our customers’ existing surgical procedures, while exploring new techniques to further advance the clinical outcomes of their patients.

Bone Mill

Our Bone Mill streamlines the preparation of harvested autologous bone by saving time and reducing manual effort.

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Maestro Air

Engineered to maximize reliability during the toughest procedures.

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High-performance surgical aspirator engineered to give you fine control and dependable power to fragment, emulsify and aspirate soft tissue and bone.

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Our Spetzler-Malis Disposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps are a versatile surgical instrument that delivers optimal sightlines, balanced high-comfort ergonomics and superb non-stick coagulation performance.

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Breakthrough design created to provide efficient, lightweight power, and performance.

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Nasal dressings providing the hemostasis, support and stability your patients and procedures require.

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Our product categories


As a market leader, our innovative access, intervention and closure solutions for neurosurgery support efficiency and improved surgical outcomes for the surgeons and patients we serve.

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We are committed to delivering advanced technology across deformity, MIS, degenerative and interventional spine procedures to empower you in restoring the active lifestyle of your patients.

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Our dedication to over 20 years of research and development of surgical ENT products reflects the heritage that has made us a world leader in medical technology.

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