T2 Alpha Tibia

Intramedullary Nailing System

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T2 Alpha tibia is an intramedullary nail intended for temporary stabilization of bone segments or fragments until bone consolidation has been achieved for tibial fractures.

The T2 Alpha Tibia nailing system offers a combination of innovation, simplicity and efficiency that is designed to suit your various tibial fixation needs.


T2 Alpha Tibia Nailing System

T2 Alpha Tibia surgical animation

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Advanced nail design

  • Increased proximal locking options 

  • More distal locking pattern with most distal hole remaining 5mm from the tip
  • Up to 7mm of active internal compression 

  • Proximal 10 degree Herzog bend 

  • 4 degree distal bend 

Suprapatellar Instrumentation

  • T2 Alpha Tibia Suprapatellar system offers two size options of drill sleeves available to accommodate nail diameters 8-13mm 

  • Elastic nail insertion sleeve designed to serve as a working channel to protect the joint space

  • WCH-coated fixation k-wires designed for secure fixation in tibial plateau to prevent anteriorization and back out of sleeves during reaming
T2 Alpha Tibia - IM Nail instrumentation

Streamlined Instrument Platform

  • Basic instrument tray that is used across all T2 Alpha nailing indications and Gamma4

  • Ergonomic instrumentation that is designed to improve ease of use  

  • Dedicated distal targeting device designed to reduce inconsistences by providing a reproducible step-by-step procedure 

Stability when and where you need it

  • Advanced locking screws designed for added axial stability 

  • Can be used in all 5mm circular holes 

  • Fatigue strength is 30% stronger than the traditional locking screw1
  • Designed to reduce play between the nail and screw 
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