Hoffmann 3
External Fixation System

This fracture frame is to provide stabilization of compound fractures and where soft tissue injury may preclude the use of other fracture treatments 

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The Hoffmann 3 Modular External Fixation System components are external fixation frame components for use with the components of the Hoffmann II MRI and Hoffmann II Compact MRI External Fixation Systems, in conjunction with Apex Pins. It is intended to provide stabilization of compound and/or unstable fractures and where soft tissue precludes the use of other fracture treatments such as IM nailing or casting or other means of internal fixation.

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Product Specifications 

Delta couplings

  • “Delta” design allows for 6 different pin/bar diameter connections through a single coupling

    Green: 5mm, 8mm, 11mm
    Grey: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

  • Built-in, removable thumbwheels for provisional tightening 

  • Multiplayer Delta Couplings allow for increased flexibility

  • Snap-fit technology designed for a fast ex-fix application

  • Prevent “pop-out” with two turns of the thumbwheel

Vectron coated
carbon fiber rods

  • 11mm carbon fiber rods

  • 100mm - 650mm in length

  • Vectron coating for electric insulation

Pin clamps
and rod couplers

  • 5-hole and 10-hole pin clamps with customizeble, fixed posts 

  • Modular or pre-welded versions available 

  • Straight, 30, and 90 posts

  • 30 fixed angle connection for 11mm rods

  • Pelvic and knee bridging applications

  • Asymmetric capability may aid in anatomic positioning

Apex pin portfolio

  • Self-drilling / self-tapping, blunt, cancellous and transfixing apex pins

  • Stainless steel & titanium options, HA coating available

  • Hybrid pins allow use of 3 & 4mm threads with the 5mm side of delta couplings

  • Universal pin chuck allows stab-&-grab of all Apex pins
Hoffmann 3 Apex Pin Image

Sterile fields kit

  • Field kits with pre-sterilized components and instruments needed for multiple indications

  • Available for civilian use

  • Bridging and emergency options available 
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