Standing by
with support

Every day, you’re counting on us to help you care for your patients. Aside from giving you products you can rely on, we’re by your side supporting you with invaluable resources like continuing education courses, product training, industry updates and more.

By your side

In the grand scheme of things, implementation of the SurgiCount System is not a complicated one. But we know that any change is still change, and we’re here to pave the way so you can reap maximum benefits with the least amount of initial disruption.

  • Partner with you on an implementation plan and timing
  • Dedicated implementation manager and clinical consultants
  • Provide upfront clinical education and supervise user training
  • Onsite support during installation
  • IT assistance to verify functionality of SurgiCount360 Software
  • Online learning and management tools
  • Customer support via phone and email
  • Re-education, onsite visits and ongoing support when requested

“It was clinicians training clinicians, which created a strong comfort level.”

Jacalyn Kay, IT Supervisor, Perioperative Applications

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