Flexible and retrograde reaming system

ACL, PCL and meniscal root reconstruction 

No matter your technique,
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VersiTomic RR

Retrograde reaming 

Confidence from the outside in


Flexible reaming

Bending the rules in ACL and PCL reconstruction

The VersiTomic ligament reconstruction system allows for simplified flexible and retrograde options for creating independent bone tunnels during ACL, PCL and meniscal root reconstruction.

Retrograde reaming

ACL, PCL and meniscus root reconstruction

Confidence from the outside in

Discover the reliability in retrograde with consistent tunnel trajectory, our robust, truly fluted reamer shaft and self-deploying flat cutting tooth.

The advanced design
VersiTomic RR features



Sharp trocar tip

Optimal for tunnel creation



Self-deplying flat cutting tooth

Designed to create clean bone tunnels



Proximity markings

10mm safety reference approaching cortex



Removable k-wire

Cannulation for suture passage


All-Inside ACL reconstruction utilizing a quad tendon autograft and Stryker’s VersiTomic RR with Dr. B. Christian Balldin*

All-inside ACL reconstruction technique using Stryker's VersiTomic RR with Dr. Hunter Greene*

ACL reconstruction utilizing quad autograft and Stryker’s VersiTomic RR with Dr. Braden Mayer*

ACL reconstruction all-inside with quad autograft utilizing Stryker's AIR+, VersiTomic flexible reaming, VersiTomic RR and ProCinch adjustable loop with Dr. James Genuario*

Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using an all-inside technique with hamstring allograft with Dr. Jack Skendzel*

Flexible reaming

Maximum versatility in achieving optimal, anatomic results.1,2

Bending the rules in ACL and PCL reconstruction

Designed to support safe intra-articular placement with longer tunnels and reduced risk of posterior wall blowout, due to its eccentric cutting flute head and flexible puzzle piece shaft.3,4 

The flexible system can be utilized through an AM or TT approach without restriction in tunnel placement and the need for hyperflexion.

Reamers are available in 4.5mm–12.0mm sizes in 0.5mm increments.

versitomic flexible reamer
*Stryker consultant
  1. Ho JY et al. Equal kinematics between central anatomic single-bundle and double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions. Arthroscopy, 25:464-472, 2009.
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