Nanotack TT

The market’s smallest all-PEEK anchor with curved instrumentation and XBraid TT


  • Curved instrumentation allows for access to the inferior aspect of the glenoid with low profile knot stacks using XBraidTT

  • The small footprint of a 1.4mm PEEK anchor allows for minimal bone removal

  • Stryker’s 1.4 platform offers intraoperative flexibility between the 1.4mm Iconix all suture anchors and the 1.4mm NanoTack TT anchor by utilizing the same drill and same curved guides across the platform

  • Two-stage fixation yields comparable strength to larger anchors 

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Shoulder Instability

Stryker’s 1.4mm shoulder instability anchor platform features the Iconix all-suture anchor and the NanoTack TT PEEK anchor, the smallest PEEK anchor on the market.

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The Iconix family of anchors (Iconix, Iconix TT, Iconix Needles and Iconix Speed) symbolize the next generation of suture anchor technology. The all-suture based system with a tie-able tape suture option, needles option and self-punching option allows for less bone removal during pilot hole creation without compromising pullout strength.1 The innovative design is truly the first of its kind.

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Champion SlingShot

The Champion Slingshot has been optimized for use in the shoulder and allows you to both pass and retrieve suture using a single portal. Its ergonomic thumb-slide design helps to eliminate additional procedural steps and potentially reduce operating time.

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