Secure. Streamlined. Versatile.

A streamlined, cross-specialty knotless anchor portfolio.


The anchor’s cortical barb-lock technology is designed to optimize compression fixation in bone—supporting secure knotless repairs.1


Knotilus+ is designed to improve procedural efficiency following insertion of the implant.2

The knob on the inserter handle is designed to provide tactile clicks to signal disengagement of the implant from the inserter with only four turns.2,3


Procedure-specific implants and instrumentation meet indication-specific needs.

Knotilus+ facilitates multiple stich configurations such as mattress stitch, simple stitch and luggage stitch.

Knotilus+ features


5 implant offerings

A. All – PEEK implant

B. Two diameters

C. Four lengths

Instrument offerings

Standard length and hip length available.

A. Knotilus+ fork tip guide, hip

B. Knotilus+ crown tip guide, hip

C. Knotilus+ crown tip guide

D. Knotilusoffset tip guide

E. Knotilus+ fishmouth tip guide

F. Drills to facilitate use in medium and hard bone


Video library

Arthroscopic Bankart repair using Stryker's Knotilus+ and Iconix Knotless with Dr. George Athwal*

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*Stryker consultant


1. DHD14627
2. TR22906
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