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Dual-modality HA+ coating

The Iconix HA+ coating was designed with HA and bioglass as these materials have been shown to accelerate bone healing at early implantation time.1,2,3​

Hydroxyapatite + Bioglass

Hydroxyapatite is a stable compound shown to be osteoconductive and osteophyllic,4 with a close structural and chemical resemblance to bone material.5

Bioglass is a rapidly dissolving compound with two modes of bioactivity: bone bonding and osteostimulation.6,7,8 

The Hydroxyapatite and bioglass have been shown in published studies to promote biological fixation between bone and a coated implant.1,9


Osteostimulatory effect

Upon implantation, the ionic constituents of bioglass may be released into the surrounding environment and may react with bodily fluids to facilitate the deposition of a thin layer of physiologic calcium phosphate at its surface, thus attracting osteoblasts to the layer to create a matrix that promotes an osteostimulatory effect.6,7,8,10

In conjunction, the HA surface may act as a nucleating site for bone minerals,10,11 thus promoting the adhesion and proliferation of osteoblastic cells on the anchor surface.1,12

Creating the potential for accelerated bony integration

An ovine animal study, comparing Iconix HA+ to an uncoated all-suture implant, was designed to evaluate the implants with respect to bone ongrowth at 4, 8 and 12 weeks.

In a blinded histomorphometry analysis at 8 weeks, the uncoated implant showed no integration (n=4), while Iconix HA+ showed bone integration in all samples (n=4).13

Comparison at 4 weeks

Histology images of an Iconix HA+ anchor (size 2.3mm) and a leading competitor all-suture anchor (single-loaded) at 4 weeks post-implantation in a large animal ovine study.13

A = Anchor

= Suture

Gold circle = Bone formation

Blue circle = Voids between device and bone

Iconix HA+

Images show bone growing adjacent to the implant with some integration into the anchor.


Leading competitor all-suture anchor

Images show voids adjacent to bone.


Comparison at 12 weeks

Histology images of an Iconix HA+ anchor (size 2.3mm) and a leading competitor all-suture anchor (single-loaded) at 12 weeks post-implantation.13

Gold circle = Bone formation

Blue circle = Voids between device and bone

Iconix HA+


Leading competitor all-suture anchor


Backed by the Iconix family

The proven fixation, strength14 and versatility of the Iconix family now offered with HA+ coating.

IntelliBraid technology

Targeted compression zones designed to create a bunching effect within the implant sheath for secure fixation with minimal bone removal


Self-centering technology

Iconix disposable drills have a unique self-centering technology to ensure accurate pilot hole placement*


Straight and curved guide options

The guide and obturator options allow for a variety of techniques.**



Indicated for surgical procedures in shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle, elbow and hand and wrist.**


* Applicable to PNs 3910500568 and 3910500571​ ** See PUB-462 for full indications for use


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