Sage Multi-Position MATS

Mobile Air Transfer System

Safety for staff and patients in the OR.

Tilt procedures in the operating room can present unique challenges for the perioperative team and their patients. The need for lateral pre- and post-surgical transfers can increase the risk of staff injury due to overexertion.1 For patients, tilt positions can increase the risk of falls or sliding.2 The Multi-Position MATS addresses both transfer and positioning needs in the OR.

  • Secures patient in the following tilt positions: Lithotomy, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, and Lateral tilt

  • Breakaway pads are easily removed3 and reveal the M2 Microclimate Body Pad

  • Arm wraps keep arms adducted3 and help reduce the risk of nerve damage4,5

  • Rail straps keep system secure to the OR table in multiple positions6

  • M² Microclimate Body Pad effectively absorbs and locks in moisture to help protect patient’s skin while allowing air to flow through7

  • Imaging capability is acceptable for use in MRI,* X-Ray, CT Scan, and ultrasounds8

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